Socket Series: 4940
Part Number: 038-4940-003A
Device Type: DIP
Socket Features Part Series
Multi-Unit Applications
High Temperature Applications
Kelvin Applications
Axial Leads
Through Hole Leads
Gold Lans

Socket Features
38 lead custom ZIF SOCKET, for test and burn-in. DIP package on .050" pitch, .900" between rows, with thru hole cutout for heat sink.
Available Socket Variations Listing
DIP Socket Variations
012-4940-003A DIP
018-4662-001A DIP
019-4940-001A DIP
022-4940-002A DIP
026-3532-002A DIP
032-3532-001A DIP
032-3540-001A DIP
032-3540-002A DIP
034-4940-001A DIP
034-4940-002A DIP
036-3532-001A DIP
038-3532-001A DIP
038-3532-002A DIP
038-4940-002A DIP
040-3540-001A DIP
040-3540-002A DIP
040-3540-003A DIP
040-3540-004A DIP
040-4940-001A DIP
042-3540-001A DIP
044-3532-001A DIP
044-3538-004A DIP
050-3532-001A DIP
051-4680-001A DIP
052-3538-002A DIP
056-3538-001A DIP
058-3532-001C DIP
058-3532-002A DIP
060-3538-001A DIP
064-3538-002A DIP
064-3540-001A DIP
070-3538-001A DIP
080-3538-001A DIP
080-3538-002A DIP
080-3538-003A DIP
093-3538-001A DIP
097-3538-001A DIP
100-3538-003A DIP
130-3538-001A DIP
240-8127 DIP
Series 4940 Variations
014-4940-002A Axial Lead
028-4940-003A Axial Lead
012-4940-003A DIP
019-4940-001A DIP
022-4940-002A DIP
034-4940-001A DIP
034-4940-002A DIP
038-4940-002A DIP
040-4940-001A DIP
240-8127 DIP
005-4940-001A Hybrid
006-4940-001A Hybrid
011-4940-001A Hybrid
013-4940-001A Hybrid
020-4940-003A Hybrid
022-4940-001A_C Hybrid
022-4940-003A Hybrid
022-4940-004A Hybrid
022-4940-005A Hybrid
031-4940-002A Hybrid
038-4940-001A Hybrid
041-4940-001A Hybrid
043-4940-001A Hybrid
048-4940-004A Hybrid
055-4940-001A Hybrid
072-4940-001A Hybrid
104-4940-001A Hybrid
072-4940-001A PGA
091-4940-001A PGA
104-4940-001A PGA
250-4940-001A PGA
014-4940-002A QFP/Tie Bar/Flat Pack
028-4940-003A QFP/Tie Bar/Flat Pack
020-4940-002A SIP/In-Line
028-4940-002A SOIC/SOJ
048-4940-004A SOIC/SOJ
4940 Standard Series
002-4940-001A T.O.& Relays
004-4940-001A T.O.& Relays
008-4940-001A T.O.& Relays
012-4940-004A T.O.& Relays
016-4941-002A T.O.& Relays

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