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Custom ZIF Receptacles for BGA Sockets
Now Available in 1mm (.039") and
1.27mm (.050") Pitches

Custom designed ZIF receptacles and socket savers for BGA (ball grid array), PGA (pin grid array), and QFP (quad flat pack) sockets

Custom-designed ZIF receptacles for BGA sockets with .050" (1.27mm) pitch
and now, a new 1mm (.039") pitch ZIF receptacle, are available from Tactic
Electronics, Inc., of Dallas, Texas.

DALLAS, TEXAS -- Tactic Electronics, Inc. has announced its ability to custom-design and produce zero insertion force (ZIF) receptacles for ball grid array (BGA) and other fine-pitch sockets on smaller 1mm (.039"), or 1.27mm (.050"), centers.

The supplier of cost-effective custom semiconductor test and burn-in sockets and receptacles for fine-pitch array patterns now down to 1mm (.039") centers offers the custom receptacles in matrix sizes up to 39x39, for a maximum total of 1,521 contacts.

Tactic Electronics also announced that the ZIF receptacles are available within the company's standard two- to four-week quick turnaround schedule.

Specifically designed for high temperature test or burn-in applications for finer-pitch sockets, including BGAs, PGAs and QFPs, the receptacles are made of glass reinforced polysulfone in standard green with 30" gold-plated beryllium copper contacts. All receptacles are temperature-rated from -67oF (-55oC) to +302oF (+150oC).

Tactic's ZIF receptacles are compatible for use with most major BGA socket manufacturers' products.

Tactic Electronics is a manufacturer that supplies customers worldwide with custom-designed semiconductor test and burn-in sockets and receptacles. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the company leads the industry in providing both the largest arrays and finest pitch ZIF receptacles with fast delivery. Most custom products, which are all made in the U.S.A., are shipped to customers within two to four weeks.

For more information about the new custom ZIF receptacles, please contact Tactic Electronics, 3400 Silverstone • Bldg. 3-114 • Plano, Texas 75023, or call (800) 955-4707 or 972-867-6828. FAX: 972-867-6669. EMAIL: tactic1@airmail.net.

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