Custom ZIF Sockets

Tactic Electronics molds and manufactures a variety of zero insertion force (ZIF) sockets, incorporating all of these working components: top plates, cam plates, base plates, cam rods, cam handles, wear plates, contacts & hardware. These components allow us to quickly manufacture custom ZIF sockets to eliminate lead deformation and package damage to your device. For many applications, we can provide the custom ZIF socket for your device with no tooling cost. Our custom ZIF sockets are for test and burn-in applications, our standard product line will handle temperature requirements to 150C.

Delivery times are kept to a few weeks by keeping the component parts available for assembly. When you specify the socket requirements for your device type and with your approval, we complete the design and manufacture the ZIF socket to fit your device for your test or burn-in application.

We show a variety of socket series. These are some, but not all of the main ZIF socket series that we manufacture. If you have specific requirements that require other features in a ZIF socket, call us, we would like to discuss the challenge and solve the problem with you.

Some of the challenges for custom ZIF socket requirements that we can solve are:
  • Odd pin patterns
  • Difficult lead shapes, lengths & diameters
  • Fine Pitch
  • Quick socket turn around time
  • Low quantity of sockets required
  • Heavy current carrying capabilities
  • Retrofit to existing test or burn-in boards and equipment
  • Kelvin Requirements
  • Fragile device leads
  • High temperature requirements
  • More than one device per socket
  • Vibration test requirements
  • Variety of device to ZIF socket interconnect methods: through hole, axial lead, formed leads, straight leads, edge card gold lans, lan grid array, ball grid array

Tactic Electronics is a manufacturer that supplies customers worldwide with custom-designed semiconductor test and burn-in sockets and receptacles. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the company leads the industry in providing both the largest arrays and finest pitch ZIF receptacles with fast delivery. Most custom products, which are all made in the U.S.A., are shipped to customers within two to four weeks.

For more information about the new custom ZIF receptacles, please contact Tactic Electronics, 3400 Silverstone • Bldg. 3-114 • Plano, Texas 75023, or call (800) 955-4707 or 972-867-6828. FAX: 972-867-6669. EMAIL:

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