Socket Series: 4940
Part Number: 020-4940-002A
Device Type: SIP/In-Line
Socket Features Part Series
Multi-Unit Applications
High Temperature Applications
Kelvin Applications
Axial Leads
Through Hole Leads
Gold Lans

Socket Features
20 leads on .100" pitch with gaps, for .400" long lead.
Available Socket Variations Listing
SIP/In-Line Socket Variations
011-3532-001A_B SIP/In-Line
014-3532-003A SIP/In-Line
015-3532-001A SIP/In-Line
016-3532-001A SIP/In-Line
016-3532-002A SIP/In-Line
023-3538-001A SIP/In-Line
025-3532-001A SIP/In-Line
025-3538-001A SIP/In-Line
025-3538-002A SIP/In-Line
027-3538-001A SIP/In-Line
027-3538-002A SIP/In-Line
029-3538-001A SIP/In-Line
030-3538-001A SIP/In-Line
031-3538-001A SIP/In-Line
031-3538-002A SIP/In-Line
032-3532-002A SIP/In-Line
037-3538-001A SIP/In-Line
039-3538-002A SIP/In-Line
039-4680-001A SIP/In-Line
040-3533-002A SIP/In-Line
040-3538-002A SIP/In-Line
040-3538-004A SIP/In-Line
041-3538-001A SIP/In-Line
044-3538-001A SIP/In-Line
044-3538-002A SIP/In-Line
044-3538-003A SIP/In-Line
049-3538-001A SIP/In-Line
051-3538-001A_B SIP/In-Line
055-3538-001A SIP/In-Line
063-3538-001A SIP/In-Line
100-3538-005A SIP/In-Line
100-3538-007A SIP/In-Line
180-4662-002A SIP/In-Line
336-4680-001A SIP/In-Line
Series 4940 Variations
014-4940-002A Axial Lead
028-4940-003A Axial Lead
012-4940-003A DIP
019-4940-001A DIP
022-4940-002A DIP
034-4940-001A DIP
034-4940-002A DIP
038-4940-002A DIP
038-4940-003A DIP
040-4940-001A DIP
240-8127 DIP
005-4940-001A Hybrid
006-4940-001A Hybrid
011-4940-001A Hybrid
013-4940-001A Hybrid
020-4940-003A Hybrid
022-4940-001A_C Hybrid
022-4940-003A Hybrid
022-4940-004A Hybrid
022-4940-005A Hybrid
031-4940-002A Hybrid
038-4940-001A Hybrid
041-4940-001A Hybrid
043-4940-001A Hybrid
048-4940-004A Hybrid
055-4940-001A Hybrid
072-4940-001A Hybrid
104-4940-001A Hybrid
072-4940-001A PGA
091-4940-001A PGA
104-4940-001A PGA
250-4940-001A PGA
014-4940-002A QFP/Tie Bar/Flat Pack
028-4940-003A QFP/Tie Bar/Flat Pack
028-4940-002A SOIC/SOJ
048-4940-004A SOIC/SOJ
4940 Standard Series
002-4940-001A T.O.& Relays
004-4940-001A T.O.& Relays
008-4940-001A T.O.& Relays
012-4940-004A T.O.& Relays
016-4941-002A T.O.& Relays

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