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Test and Burn in Connectors for the Semiconductor Industry

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Quick access to sample photos that closely match your needs. Drawings and socket information. If you need help, there are detailed search tips and instructions available below.

Package (Device) Type:
Part (Socket) Number:
Standard Series:

Search Tips and Instructions

Performing a Search

  1. Select search criteria.
  2. Press the [Perform Search] button to return listings.

Search Criteria

Package (Device) Type:
Select from available device type categories.
Part (Socket) Number:
Provide partial or complete numbers in order to narrow the return listings to specific samples or samples within a specific range (series, lead count).

Wildcard characters are allowed as directed below.
• * : Specifies any number of any characters in the position placed.
• +/- : Specifies selection of numbers including and greater or less than entered search string.

Sample Search Results
Search String Information Returned (Sample)
3532 • Standard Series
353-4662-001A • PGA/Through Hole
030-3532-001A • ZIF Strip
064-3533-002A • ZIF Strip
353+ 3532 • Standard Series
3533 • Standard Series
3540 • Standard Series
353-4662-001A • PGA/Through Hole
364-3533-002A • ZIF Strip

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